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Return Policy

Thank you your shopping with Toy Kraze. We appreciate your business and make every effort to ensure each transaction is smooth. However, we are humans and occasionally there might be a defective product or missing parts.


The toys available on Toy Kraze are collectibles, and in some cases limited quantities. Due to the nature of these items, we will not accept returns because you have decided you no longer want the purchased item. However, we understand there are situations where a product is defective out of the box. Below is our return policy for defective products.

Returns for Defective Products.

We will accept returns for defective products within THREE (3) calendar days of product delivery. Any returns request after THREE (3) days, will not be accepted.

All approved returns must include the original packaging. If the original packaging is not included, your return will not be accepted, and you will be responsible for shipping costs for shipping the item back to you.
We understand that collectors are often looking for the *perfect* box and "perfect" paint. Toy Kraze will make every effort to ensure the items are blemish free. Unfortunately, we will not be able to exchange items with slight imperfections.